Why Invest? Why Invest?

Engaged council

There is a new imperative at Harrow Council: growth. We are keen to work with you to help provide our residents with decent and affordable homes and enviable lifestyles; to provide our employers with high quality stock in a thriving environment; and to give visitors easy access to and from some of London’s most attractive destinations.

We are willing to invest land, effort and goodwill in the right kind of development with the right kind of partners and we’d like to find out if you match that brief. Contact us now:

Chair of the planning committee:
Cllr Keith Ferry (020) 8424 1897

Director of regeneration and planning:
Paul Nichols: (020) 8736 6149

Head of regeneration and design:
Tobias Goevert: (020) 8420 9690

Head of economic development, research and enterprise:
Mark Billington: (020) 8736 6533

Head of corporate estate:
Phil Loveland-Cooper: (020) 8424 1877

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