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Innovative knee surgeries at Central Middlesex Hospital

Mon 1 April 2019, 2:23 pm

Surgeons using robotic surgery for knee replacements at Central Middlesex Hospital (CMH) celebrated a landmark 100th operation, becoming a leading light in the use of this type of technology.

The hospital, which is part of London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, uses Navio robotic surgery and is to become a training centre for visiting surgeons from around the world.

The computer-guided system generates a 3D model of the knee, which allows replacements to be fitted more accurately than traditional techniques.

Orthopaedic surgeon Simon Jennings said: “It’s exciting for us because it’s showcasing our work to a global audience and I do believe it’s the way forward regarding knee replacements.

“The NHS carries out more than 70,000 knee replacements a year and that figure will continue to grow as we live longer. If we can offer something that produces better results for our patients and is more cost-effective that has to be a winner.

“We’ll hopefully be using the same robotic system to perform hip replacements within the next couple of years.”


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