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Artist honoured in home town

by Marco Cillario Fri 28 October 2016, 12:34 pm

The first purpose-built museum to appear in Greater London for more than 40 years opened in Pinner Memorial Park on 15 October.

The Heath Robinson Museum will provide a permanent home to 900 nationally significant artworks by illustrator Heath Robinson who lived in Pinner from 1908-18.

It will celebrate the life of one of the country’s most innovative artists and cartoonists (1872-1944), famed for depicting wacky inventions.

Funding to build the museum in West House has come from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which contributed £1.3 million, topped up with grants and donations from charities and local organisations. Fundraising continues to find the last £1.8 million required to support the museum over the next three years. Donations can be made here.

West House and Heath Robinson Museum Trust restored the historic venue in Pinner Memorial Park for community use. The trust is a partnership between Pinner residents and the William Heath Robinson Trust, who are custodians of the artist’s work.


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