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Issue three of BIG magazine coming soon

by Marco Cillario Tue 26 July 2016, 12:14 pm

The third issue of BIG magazine will be published at the end of the summer.

The latest edition of the publication, which informs investors on opportunities in the area, will explore the ways in which the London Borough of Harrow is managing its 400 ha of parkland; with one fifth of the area having green belt status, BIG will investigate how this open space can be maintained with the pressure to build more housing.

The magazine will also analyse how the council’s move from the civic centre on Station Road to Wealdstone in 2020 will affect its surroundings, as well as giving a first insight on the masterplan currently being conceived for the civic centre site.

It will assess how the council and developers are addressing the increasing demand for new homes, and give details on innovative approaches to the issue, such as developer Dandi Living’s campus-style accommodation solution, with small units in communal social spaces.

The magazine will also look at the vibrant array of cuisines Harrow’s diverse community can offer. It will present the experiences of entrepreneurs investing in the sector and ask successful restaurateurs what it would take for them to open a branch in the borough’s town centre, one of the areas undergoing regeneration.

Harrow College will also be featured in BIG: employers will be asked what they think of the vocational training and apprenticeship schemes the college offers, and whether they are providing students with the skills required in the job market.

“The third issue of BIG  explores in a little more detail why the borough’s prospects for the future look so promising,” said editor Debbie Ashford.

“We’ve uncovered a wealth of talent and enterprise in people who are running businesses or working their way up the ladder.

“From hot new restaurants catering to global tastes, to cool parks and nature reserves providing oases for relaxation, we see why Harrow is a place to live, work and play.”


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