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Shah sets out plan for borough

by James Renoux-Wood Tue 14 June 2016, 10:11 am

Councillor Sachin Shah, the new leader of Harrow Council, has set out his vision for regeneration in the borough.

Speaking exclusively to BIG magazine, he said: “It’s an honour to have been elected as the leader of Harrow Council. It’s a place in which I grew up and a place I love. Harrow’s regeneration programme is probably one of the most important long-term projects Harrow Council is currently delivering. With one programme, we have the opportunity to shape what Harrow is going to look like for the next 20 years. That makes it even more important that we get this right, that we listen to people and that we plan for the future. 

"The programme cannot just be about physical buildings, it must be more than that. It must be about the communities that live, work and play in Harrow too.  Not only must there be places to live, but also places to relax. Culture, leisure and places to shop must be part of the plan. The regeneration programme must also include a purpose, a signature message that will define Harrow for years to come.

"Listening to Harrow residents will be key to a successful regeneration programme. We’ve set up a residents’ panel to ensure that what we do is rooted in the views of our residents. But we must now go further.  We cannot leave behind the people that have lived in Harrow for decades. For them, sometimes the regeneration programme is remote. What can the regeneration of Harrow provide a retired owner occupier, who has lived in Harrow for 30 years? We need to be able to answer that question. 

"And finally we must future proof our plans. The next five years of regeneration will be with us for two to three generations. We must make sure we have the right number of schools, GP practices, roads and parking places. We need to plan for the unknown too. Who, planning Harrow in the 1950s, would have guessed the impact of the internet on Harrow today?

"Harrow’s regeneration programme has the ability to change Harrow for the better. It will require big bold and courageous decisions. But decisions, I believe that if we make, will absolutely Build a Better Harrow."


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