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Dandi determined to drive borough’s regeneration

Mon 1 February 2016, 12:10 pm

Award-winning architecture, design and property development company, Dandi Living, has announced its intentions to continue investing in Harrow.

The company bought the freehold of Queens House, as well as Kings House, in Harrow, along with the adjoining car park in December 2014. Dandi is developing apartments here.

In a statement, Dandi said: “Dandi feels Harrow is ripe for regeneration and this is its time to revive. There has been a substantial loss of young talent in recent years, predominantly due to lack of opportunities and accommodation.

“By introducing Dandi Space in Harrow, we intend to bring youth back into the borough and provide innovative and desirable accommodation, complemented by sociable areas where people of similar interests can network, we are planning to introduce urban gardens and roof areas for both leisure and business. 

“Dandi Space is to offer desirable rental apartments, with complimentary Wi-Fi, on site concierge, 24/7 CCTV, large sociable spaces with pool tables, complimentary refreshments, on site launderettes, conference rooms, studies and meeting rooms.

”The apartments are flexible and neutral, multifunctional furniture elements allow the space to be used as a bedroom at night and as an office and study during the day. Ever evolving technology allows for increasing number of people to work from home and Dandi Space provides this exclusive opportunity  to combine living and working together without compromising privacy and benefits of standard office building.”

The company said it also intends to offer local discount rate cards for residents and businesses including hairdressers, coffee shops, local cinema.



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